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Madheshi Mahila Samaj


1. To assist in organising awareness raising programs among the women in Madhes.

2. To work for protecting and promoting the rights of women in Madhesh

3. To work for development and promotion of social, cultural, economic, indigenous knowledge and practices of Madheshi women.

4. To raise awareness among the madhesi women through publications, workshops and poetry citing programs in Madhesi language.

5. To conduct awareness raising program in societal superstitions, bad and unfair practices among the Madhesi women.

6. To organise educational, intellectual and cultural related programs in order to enhance capacity of Madhesi women like establishing library, speakers' forums and organising women and adult literacy programs.

7. To protect, conserve and promote the customs, Antiques, arts & architectures of Mithila culture in Nepal and in international communities, museums and Smarak will be established.

8. To organise various social work related program like organisation of Health camp, Blood donation, eye donation and scholarship programs.